PURIM 5776
Wednesday March 23rd - Thursday, March 24th

Wednesday, March 23rd
Maariv at 7:30 PM
Megillah at 7:45 PM

Thursday March 24th
Shacharis at 9:00 AM
Megillah reading at 9:45 AM
Events To be announced



English Date
Hebrew Date
Please note: Holidays begin on Sundown of the night before the holiday
Purim Katan
Tuesday, February 23rd
14 Adar I
Thursday, March 24th
14 Adar II
Pesach (8 Days)
Shabbat, April 23rd - Shabbat, April 30th
15 - 22 Nissan
Pesach Sheni
Sunday, May 22nd
15 Iyar
Lag B'Omer
Thursday, May 26th
18 Iyar
Shavuot I
Sunday, June 12th - Monday, June 13th
6 - 7 Sivan
Tish'a B'Av
Sunday, August 14th
9 Av
Tu B'Av
Friday, August 19th
15 Av
Leil Selichot
Saturday, September 24th
21 Elul
Erev Rosh Hashana
Sunday, October 2nd
29 Elul

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